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Toronto Bachelor Party planning tips

Throwing a Bachelor Party, Stag Party in Toronto or the Greater Toronto area and need some help? Take a look at our article below!

So you’re planning a Bachelor party in Toronto. Your mission, is to provide the Bachelor with an EPIC last night of freedom. You could just wing it, but if you take pride in your work and are willing to put the effort, here are some tips to make it a memorable night!

The role of Best Man is not only a huge responsibility, it is an Honor, and should be treated as such. The Bachelor has placed his trust in you to help make sure the entire experience is at most of what he deserves. Unfortunately, too many guys screw up their buddy’s bachelor party to the point that a fight breaks out.

We’ll make sure this situation doesn’t happen to you.

If you’d rather PARTY than read, just give us a call 647 763 6658 and we’ll handle it all.

Theres multiples of choices when Planning a Bachelor party, but lets take a look at the things to avoid first.

No matter what the bachelor believes or says, the Best Man is in charge!!!
Don’t let him talk you into some lame water rafting getaway. Where its just a sausage fest party at that point. (only unless there’s Hot Wild Strippers going to be involved, then you’re good.)

Even though he keeps hinting that there's no need for Hot Strippers does he expect the party to be 20 guys doing arts and crafts, playing bingo with your aunt gurtie, and baking cookies? No.
This is a night about MANLINESS!
This is mostly likely the groom’s last night of unfettered revelry! Before he gets tied up! Man up and make it count!

The groom will be thanking you for it eventually, trust us ! Even if you need to blindfold the pansy, tie him up, and let the Strippers give him a good whipping, eventually he'll loosen up and start to enjoy the festivities.

During the day time, at most we recommend planning one activity. People need time to wind down, no one wants to feel rushed with a super busy schedule not being able to enjoy the event.

Hiring Foxxy Strippers Toronto to Your House, Cottage, Hotel room, Boat or whatever you decide to do! Lots of MEN want to hire private strippers to come straight to their door and put on a Wild Show!

Here are some activities you can plan for the daytime:

  • Rent some jet skis for a day on the water.
  • Attend a basketball game.
  • Spend the day golfing and fishing.
  • Create a Casino Night, complete with a Hot dealer.
  • or just Party all day and night with Beautiful Strippers.

3 Main Bachelor Party rules

  • The groom pays for nothing. All expenses should be split equally among those attending the bachelor party. All members must reserve their spot and pre-pay. There is nothing more frustrating than spending tons of time organizing a party and having a bunch of non attendances.
  • No fighting! Nothing will ruin a great bachelor party quicker than a brawl. Remember, guys at this party need to be presentable for wedding pics. We highly recommend to designate a member of your party to stay sober be the assist to security to prevent fights!
  • You want to have fun, but don’t do anything insanely dangerous. You don't want the groom breaking one of his limbs, because you decided to go scuba diving. (probably while drunk)

What about the Party Budget?

The key is to plan ahead, whenever possible. Or maybe the man in charge has decided that he is going to wing it. Not a problem. A good rule of thumb is to consider how much money the group is likely going to be able to spend on the trip and festivities, so everyone can adjust accordingly.

Drunk Driving and Transportation

Strippers and Booze. What a great combo! but not when the whole group is wasted having the times of their lives and needs to get around for the night and weekend. You can always just have a Hot tub party with Strippers and Booze.

Make sure the guests of the party DO NOT drive home drunk. Hire a Limo or Party bus for the night or have a designated driver. Or book some lodging and have some Hot Strippers waiting for you in a limo while riding around, getting naked dancing on your lap and having a WILD time.

Make sure the guests of the party DO NOT drive home drunk. We Recommend that you request us to Hire a Limo or Party bus for the night for you, Or have a designated driver. Or book some lodging and have some Hot Toronto Strippers waiting for you in a limo while riding around, getting naked dancing on your lap and having a WILD time.

Time everything right

If you are thinking that the night before the wedding is the a great time for a Bachelor party think again… You should schedule the event for up to a month before the wedding. Most Bachelor parties are done on the weekend, where everyone of the group is available. But if your feeling frisky give us a call anytime 24 hours open at your service.Hot Strippers in Toronto are available 24 hours

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